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April is honored as the month of the Holy Eucharist.  This year, April 2nd, is Holy Thursday, the day that the Church commentates the Institution of the Eucharist in a special way.  For on the night before Jesus' Crucifixion,  Jesus met with His apostles, broke bread, and blessed wine.  He asked that his followers do these in memory of Him.  Catholics believe that when Jesus broke bread and said, "This is my Body", the bread became Jesus' Body and not in a figurative sense; likewise, Catholic believe that the wine when blessed, becomes Jesus' Blood.  His command: "Do this in memory of Me", has been adhered to by Catholics for over 2000 years.  The mystery of how mere bread and wine can and does transform into Jesus' Body and Blood is called "transubstansiation" and it explains how there is a real substance transformation, while the matter retains its form, taste, etc.,. There have been many Eucharistic miracles and the Holy Eucharist is the most treasured belief and source of grace that Catholics have.

Dates in BOLD are Holy Days of Obligation:

Apr. 1: Wednesday of Holy Week

Apr. 2: Thursday of Holy Week

Apr.  3: Friday of Holy Week

Apr.  4: Saturday of Holy Week

Apr.  5: Easter Sunday

Apr.  6: St. William of Eskilsoe

Apr.  7: St. John Baptiste de sa Salle

Apr.  8: St. Julie Billiart

Apr. 9: St. Waldetrudis

Apr. 10: St. Michael de Sanctis

Apr. 11: St. Marguerite d'Youville

Apr. 12: The Octave of Easter

Apr. 13: Pope St. Martin I

Apr. 14: St. Lydwine

Apr. 15: St. Paternus

Apr.  16: St. Bernadette

Apr.  17: St. Anicetus

Apr.  18: St. Appollonius the Apologist

Apr. 19: St. Alphege

Apr. 20: St. Marian

Apr.  21: St. Anselm

Apr. 22: St. Abdiesus

Apr. 23: St. George

Apr. 24: St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

Apr. 25: St. Mark

Mar. 26: St. Cletus

Apr. 27: St. Zita

Apr. 28: St. Peter Chanel

Apr. 29:  St. Catherine of Siena

Apr.  30: St. Pope Pius V

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