December - Popular Feast Days


December, Month of Divine Infancy | Rosary MartDecember, the month of Divine Infancy, celebrates the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ.  The pairing of words in this title is a reflection of the mystery of Jesus' nature. We each are one person with one nature. However, Jesus is one person with two natures. He is fully God and fully man, that is, He is 100% God and %100 man, not 50/50, or any other percentage.  Jesus' Incarnation is one of the most important moments in history and its memorial is prepared for in the liturgical season of Advent, a four week anticipation.

Dates in BOLD are Holy Days of Obligation for December:

Dec. 1: Bl. Charles De Foucauld

Dec. 2: St. Eusebius

Dec. 3: St. Francis Xavier

Dec. 4: St. John Damascus

Dec. 5: St. Gerald

Dec. 6: 2nd Sunday of Advent, St. Nicholas

Dec. 7: St. Ambrose

Dec. 8: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dec. 9: St. Juan Diego 

Dec. 10: Pope Saint Gregory III

Dec. 11: Pope Saint Damasus I

Dec. 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec. 13: 3rd Sunday of Advent, St. Lucy

 Dec. 14: St. John of the Cross

Dec. 15: St. Faustinus

Dec. 16: St. Beoc

Dec. 17: St. Olympias

Dec. 18: St. Rufus

Dec. 19: St. Darius

Dec. 20: 4th Sunday of Advent

Dec. 21: St. John Vincent

Dec. 22: St. Zeno

Dec. 23: St. Victoria

Dec. 24: St. Adele

Dec. 25Christmas

 Dec. 26: St. Stephen

Dec. 27: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joesph

Dec. 28: Holy Innocents

Dec. 29: St. Thomas Becket

Dec. 30: St. Eugene

Dec. 31: St. Hermes