Rosary Beads Buying Guide: Quality

We receive many questions about the quality of our rosaries.  Here at we are very proud of the quality of all our products - we only source high quality, durable and beautiful rosaries.  Here are some of thing that we look for in quality rosary beads that you use when shopping for your next rosary.

Quality rosary beads will hold up over time, not tarnish and be comfortable to use.  Poorly connected beads will loosen and come apart.  Shoddy work sometimes causes the connector loops to stick out, possibly poking the fingers.   Some lower quality silver finishes can prematurely tarnish and even come off on the skin while using the beads and should be avoided.

  • Inspect how the beads connect together that the chain loops are closed and don’t poke (I call these ‘thorns’)
  • The chain and crucifix should be gold, silver or a quality alloy (e.g. Zama).
  • Hold the rosary beads tight and notice how straight the beads are, good rosary beads should be relatively straight and firm.

As Gifts

For inexpensive bulk rosaries, for say a school class or as gift for a church group, only consider a high quality plastic rosary.  Quality plastic rosaries shouldn’t have any sharp corners.  Especially avoid those with little bits of extra plastic the cutter missed (called mustaches).  Most importantly the plastic should be a nylon or similar non-toxic material.

As Decoration

If you are looking to display the rosary consider the material.  Cheaper rosaries will more easily tarnish and discolor over time.  If permanently hung on the wall, or swinging from the rear-view mirror look for finishes such as silver or gold alloy.

If you are looking to wear the rosary consider the material of the metal look for gold or silver or a quality alloy (i.e. Zama). If the rosary has a clasp ensure that it closes and opens firmly (recommend a lobster claw clasp).