Business to Business Portal


warning customers

  Business Customers Only!!!


What is Business to Business Portal?

This is a website with restricted access designed for wholesale customers that purchase our products for resale. 

Who can create a wholesale account?
This account is geared only towards domestic and international retailers, distributors and other business organizations interested in re-selling our products to the public. Business (wholesale) accounts are available only to qualified customers.

How to create a wholesale account?
Register and fill all the required information. Once we receive your request, your account will go through an approval process. This process usually takes approximately 1-3 business days. You will be notified by e-mail or by phone for the account approval or if your request was denied.

If you run a legitimate business related to ours and you are interested in reselling our products, we invite you to create a Business Account.

Additional information may be requested for account approvals.

-Please, be advised that minimum quantities are required to satisfy the criteria of the business account.
-Make sure that your internet browser is set to accept cookies.
-We reserve the right to refuse account activation and service to anyone.
-If you are not in business or your business is not related to ours, PLEASE do not apply for wholesale account. Thank you.


Protecting your business interest is our first priority.

To ensure that only business customers have access to our wholesale information, we ask for your cooperation. Business privileges will be assigned only to legitimate establishments that satisfy our criteria. NO exceptions.


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