• Reconciliation: The Sacrament of Healthy Living


    Have you ever weeded Raspberries only to discover that ant obnoxious weed growing up with them are Nettles— those horrific stinging plants? This is a survival tactic. Nettles closely resemble the Raspberry leaves, including its texture.  By looking like the “wanted” plant, it is more likely to remain and steal nutrients

    In a similar way, evil presents itself as a good, or intermingles with the good, so that it can stay alive in our lives.  However, ultimately, it will always seek to choke the good and replace it.   For instance, eating is a good; it is something that sustains us.  Pleasant tastes are also a good.  But when we forget that the purpose of eating is to perpetuate our life, and instead eat or drink for the purpose of experiencing pleasure, then eventually our bodies become accustom to the doctoring and the over indulgence of sweets, salt, fat, alcohol, etc.,.— factors in obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. more...

  • Sacraments: the Secret to Happiness


    Everyone dreams of being excellent: some in their physique, some in their clothing style, while others are focused on technology, talent, careers, financial security, relationships and many other things.  Yes, some joy may be presently found in the accumulation of these goods and in the achievements of certain goals, however, eventually honors, objects, and even health can be taken away.  For unfortunately, nothing lasts.  In fact, all that is material will eventually deteriorate.  Records will be surpassed.  Even relationships are not guaranteed.  So then, lasting happiness, if it exists, is something that cannot be trumped, or be taken away.  This happiness will reside in the things that can never break down or cease; that is, genuine happiness includes the eternal: accomplishments of the soul, in particular, spiritual excellence. more...

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