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What is the size of this rosary

Shipping and Delivery

Hi,Can you confirm if you ship to Ireland please and if so how many days would it take.Thank youPeter
What are the Christmas shipping cutt off times for 2018?
Will I get my item in time for Christmas

Payment Questions

I would like to check out my purchase but not sure how to pay for these items. Thank you

Shopping Questions

Can I pay by check?
How do I access the Items in my cart?

General Product Questions

Are these blessed?
Are you able to create custom rosary boxes, with a logo on them?
Can I buy the Miraculous Olive Wood Beads without the clasp?
Can the rosary be bought blessed?
Could you tell me the names of the Bible Stories in the Book? Thank you!
Do you do engraving?
Do you have any other aurora borealis cross pendants on silver chains?
Do you have longer rosaries longer than 19 inches?
How will we know when this product is back in stock?
I am looking for rosary blessed by Pope Francis. Are any of your rosaries blessed?
SKU 3 - 1703 ( Lady bug rosary ) is out of stock. When will they be available to purchase ?
What age group is this recommended? Looking for a bible for an 8yr old who’s making 1st communion in May. Is it recommended and accepted by the Catholic Church?
What are the Christmas shipping cutt off times for 2018?
Where can i buy the plastic centers with the Blessed Virgin Mary on it for the rosary I am making? I need at least 60 pieces.